Cheltenham Triathlon Club
For experienced and aspiring triathletes




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Held at Cotswold Classic race on 13th August.



James Wilkinson

Karen Hilton


Female results

Pos Member Time
1     Karen Hilton       5hrs 28m 27s        
2 Kerry Heath-Smith       6hrs 04m 10s
3 Kate Houston  6hrs 05m 40s
4 Becky Drewett 6hrs 51m 28s
5 Wendy Haskins 6hrs 59m 06s


Male results

Pos Member Time
1     James Wilkinson          4hrs 42m 55s        
2 Austin Packer       4hrs 46m 26s
3 Rich Walklate  4hrs 46m 29s
4 Andy Ford 5hrs 01m 13s
5 Dale Midwinter 5hrs 10m 05s
6 Stuart Barr 5hrs 15m 55s
7 Julian Bullas 5hrs 30m 15s
8 Jason Wood 5hrs 37m 15s
9 Simon Reitter 5hrs 41m 13s
10 Neil Dooley 5hrs 44m 13s
11 Ben Connolley 5hrs 44m 41s
12 Ross Greening 6hrs 06m 56s
13 Julian Goodwin 6hrs 08m 23s
14 Masami Ichiki 6hrs 23m 54s
15 Bill Jones 7hrs 08m 29s

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