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Last year I completed the Shakespeare Marathon in 3:32:09. I crossed the line feeling absolutely exhausted and thought I wouldn’t run marathons again. From about 18 miles it seemed like hell with no energy. I think my mistake was not eating enough and going off too fast. This I found correct after studying my Garmin data and I had second thoughts and wanted to get under 3:30.

A year on and I entered the Shakespeare Marathon again. Great conditions and a well organised event. Probably the best I have ever ran. I tapered the week before (never bothered usually), I tried to run a constant pace which was so hard as I wanted to run faster in the earlier miles and I took loads of food on board.

My reward was a PB of 3:28:24 beating my previous of 3:32:09



1st open water triathlon of the season. 400m swim/20km bike and 5 km run. Total 11 athletes took a part of Sundays Super sprint triathlon in South Cerney – Great effort from all and some great times and PBs. (George Hughes, Rich Edgerton, Stu Barr, Petra V, Richard Walklate, Claire Ford, Mark Lyes, Hazel Everett, Matt Bisett, Andrew Ford and Beckie Swan)

Well done to George Hughes who finished 1st within club with amazing 57:34 and 4th in his AG. Petra Vymetalova 2nd  home sub 1hr. (2nd o/a female and 1st in AG). Stuart Barr just behind with great time of 1hr and 34 seconds despite his cold. Julian Bullas to follow and awesome times from all. Claire Ford to mention with massive improvement from last year.



Great job all.



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