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Cotswold Classic Middle Distance Triathlon  21st August 2016

Seven members of the club entered this late season race this year. We regularly swim in this lake so we know it well - This year there were additional problems caused by the lack of rain, and the swim course had to be changed on the day of the race due to the low water level. Even with this change, there were some parts of the course which were so shallow that we had to walk them

The bike route had been altered this year due to narrow roads causing problems on previous years. The route was 2 laps on mainly flat roads (with a couple of hills to stretch the legs and lungs a bit) but was tough due to the strong wind on the day. Due to a crash, at one point we had to get off the bikes and walk past the ambulance attending the rider. 

The half marathon run was on a mixture of road and paths - There had been some recent rain but the paths did not require us to wear trail shoes. 

With the exception of Beckie (who had a great race until having to pull out on the run) everyone finished and there were some great times put in, especially  storming runs from Andy and John


Pos Name Time Category Cat Pos Gen Pos Swim T1 Cycle T2 Run
186 Andy FORD 5:19:58.1 18-49 151 169 39:08.5 2:37.0 2:46:48.1 1:54.5 1:49:29.7
226 Tom CROFTS 5:27:55.9 18-49 172 202 30:55.4 2:26.5 2:57:02.7 1:59.3 1:55:31.9
283 Simon REITTER 5:37:37.9 18-49 205 250 36:06.2 4:10.0 2:57:29.7 3:38.2 1:56:13.7
305 Craig BARTOLO 5:40:09.7 18-49 218 266 43:19.2 4:37.2 2:52:57.9 1:58.1 1:57:17.1
359 John SKELTON 5:50:39.5 18-49 245 300 49:17.2 5:46.3 2:59:48.8 6:04.1 1:49:42.9
380 Neil DOOLEY 5:54:18.5 50+ 60 316 47:12.6 3:41.0 2:53:38.2 1:49.0 2:07:57.4
  Beckie SWANN DNF 18-49     37:54.1 4:31.5 3:23:39.9 3:51.3 DNF





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