Cheltenham Triathlon Club
For experienced and aspiring triathletes


Saturday Mornings - Cheltenham Recreation Centre 7 to 8am

Jane swims on a winter training camp

Some people escape the winter to train in sunnier places. Jane training in Spain.

We have the whole pool with 6 lanes and 6 ability groups, with 2 coaches on poolside.

Monday Evenings - Cheltenham Recreation Centre

We have part of the pool and will be running two 1 hour sessions with 2 lanes from 19:00 to 20:00 and 4 lanes from 20:00 to 21:00. These sessions are full at the moment and a waiting list is in operation. To join the waiting list please come along to the Saturday session and speak to the senior coach on poolside after the session finishes.

We get together at least 10 minutes before the start of each session for a briefing and to enable warm-up to start on time.

The winter swim sessions are primarily focused on technique where we go through a series of drills so this is an ideal session to start coming along to if you want to improve your technique.



Club Spin Class - Thursdays @ Fitness First 7.30pm to 8.15pm

We have our own dedicated class to keep those cycling legs in shape through the long winter nights.  These sessions are full at the moment and a waiting list is in operation - see Brian or Sue.


Whiteway - normally one Sunday per month.

Jez in the European Championships at Carlsblad

Thorough training in the winter will put you in a good position for racing in the summer, whatever your goals. Jez in the European Championships at Carlsblad.

This is a session to build endurance on the bike where members ride on a predetermined heart rate over just short of 19 miles after about a 3 mile warm up. We have a sociable spin back at the end making it around 30 miles in all.

Stanway - normally one Sunday per month.

This session is to build strength on the bike via a series of hill repeats on Stanway hill. The aim is to remain seated and ride the highest gear possible whilst maintaining a cadence of around 60 rpm. It also helps develop bike handling and descending skills on the way down!

Both these sessions are individual training sessions where members train at their own levels. They are not group rides. There is a group social element in the spin back from Whiteway and also for some members who chose to ride out to Stanway Hill from Cheltenham to warm up and spin back to cool down.

Group Training Rides.

These are "Sportive" style group rides where members split into groups of similar ability. It makes for a more social training ride whilst allowing members to learn the etiquette of group riding and gives confidence in riding both quickly and safely with other riders.



Wednesday Evenings - Prince of Wales Stadium 7:00pm

We meet up in the foyer of the Prince of Wales Stadium at 6:50pm where the coaches for the evening brief members on that evening's session. There is no charge for the coaching which is provided by our own fully trained coaches.

These sessions are suitable for all abilities and are great for newcomers so this is an ideal opportunity to come along and join in if you have not been before. Newcomers should make themselves known to the coaches on arrival.

After the briefing we warm up and stretch. The pace of the session is then graduated according to members ability so everyone is working at their own ideal training pace.


Members take part in numerous running events over the winter most notably local multi-terrain races. These are excellent for toughening you up both physically and mentally to meet the challenges of the triathlon race season.



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